IMA Membership Application


Thank you for your interest in joining the IMA! Once your application has been submitted, it will be sent for review and approval to our staff and board of directors.

Please refer to the following definitions to determine the appropriate membership type.

Manufacturer: Manufacturers are defined as “establishments engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products”. Any person employed by a manufacturing firm is eligible to apply for membership on behalf of their company.

Supply Chain: Supply chain members are those that provide materials or processes directly involved in the manufacturing of goods.

Associate: Associate members are defined as providers of goods or services to manufacturers. These providers may be financial or business advisers, banking and lending representatives, or professional services/consultants.

Partner: Partner members are employed by local or state governments, economic development entities or educational institutions.

If you don't fit any of these criteria, reach out to us to see if you qualify for a Student or Individual membership. 

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Level I - Manufacturing companies with 1-5 full-time employees

Level II - Manufacturing companies with 6-20 full-time employees

Level III - Manufacturing companies with 21-50 full-time employees

Level IV- Manufacturing companies with 51-100 full-time employees

Level V - Manufacturing companies with 101+ full-time employees

Dues, reciprocal membership, or in-Kind donation.

Level I - Participation for up to 2 company reps per event

Level II - Participation for up to 5 company reps per event

Level III - Participation for up to 6+ company reps per event

Level I - authorized participation for up to 2 company representatives

Level II - authorized participation for up 3-5 company representatives

Level III - authorized participation for up 6+ company representatives

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